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Our Launch Event

On Wednesday 29th March, we hosted the official launch event of the Circadian Mental Health Network at The University of Edinburgh. This event provided the opportunity for most of the team members involved in the creation of the Network to get together in person for the first time since the launch of the Network. We were also lucky enough to virtually welcome many other individuals interested in mental health and sleep/circadian science from across the world.

After a very warm welcoming speech from Prof Daniel Smith, we heard fantastic talks from Prof Alice Gregory, Prof Andrew Millar, Prof Matt Jones, Prof Gurprit Lall, and Prof Colin Espie on each of the Network’s main objectives. The talks provided greater detail on each objective, how we planned to achieve these objectives, and how others could get involved in this. Each objective is extremely important and deserve their own blog posts (watch this space).

Amy setting up the webinar

One of the main overarching goals of the Network is ensure we are not only inclusive of researchers and clinicians, but also inclusive of individuals with lived experience to ensure their voices are heard within mental health and sleep/circadian science research. We are very lucky to work with The McPin Foundation, and during our launch event, we heard an engaging talk from Dr Thomas Kabir and Rachel Temple from The McPin Foundation. Please check out The McPin Foundation to find out more about the charity and all the amazing work they do to ensure individuals with lived experience are involved in mental health research.

We then thanked everyone who attended our talks virtually, and moved on to specific sessions for our objectives to begin work as soon as possible. And we will be keeping everyone updated of our progress.

This event brought individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, career stages and interests to work together to kick-start the important goals of the Network. We worked to identify individual strengths and experience that will be very helpful for developing, strengthening, and expanding the Circadian Mental Health Network.

The Dome Edinburgh

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