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Professor Malcolm von Schantz

After undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Biology and Chemistry at Lund University in his native Sweden, Malcolm von Schantz performed his PhD research on atypical mammalian photoreceptors at UCLA. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in Russell Foster’s laboratory at the Imperial College, he moved to a Faculty position at the University of Surrey. After a long career at Surrey, finishing as Professor of Chronobiology, he was recruited to Northumbria University, where he serves as Deputy Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange. He is also an Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. His research has covered multiple properties of normal and disordered circadian rhythms, including their relationship with genetic variation, their entrainment by light, and their relationship with hormonal rhythms. He is particularly interested in circadian variability in global populations and the relationship between circadian rhythms and physical and mental health outcomes. 

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