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Colin Espie

Professor Colin Espie

I am the Professor of Sleep Medicine, University of Oxford where I am the Founding Director of the Experimental & Clinical Sleep Medicine programme in the Sir Jules Thorn Sleep & Circadian Neurosciences Institute (SCNi). I am also an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Glasgow.  My interests are in:


  • The clinical and laboratory assessment and treatment of insomnia particularly using Cognitive and Behavioural Therapeutics (CBTx)

  • The aetiology and maintenance of insomnia disorder

  • The relationships between sleep and circadian disruption and mental health

  • The implementation of effective insomnia treatment in healthcare

  • Founded Big Health to develop evidence-based digital CBT - SleepioTM has a NICE guideline as a cost-saving option for treating insomnia in primary care

  • The training of health professionals. We founded the Oxford Online Programme in Sleep Medicine in 2016 and have had clinicians from 35 countries train with us

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